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CML- CMIR Camera Evaluation 2015-Budget UHD

Lighting & Lens details...

Exposed at T5.6

On the tungsten day we kept this level for all cameras, this meant that the 0-Stop reading on the 400 ISO cameras is actually -1-Stop

On the daylight day we changed levels, doubling the light level for the 400 ISO cameras so that exposures were constant.

The main light source was a Cineo Trucolor XS through a 8 * 4 trace frame to the left, and 8 * 4 bounce board to the right and either 1 or 2 12" Trucolor MatchStix as kickers depending on the level we were shooting at.

All PL mount cameras were shot using the same Cook 50mm 5i lens, the BMPCC had a 24mm Ultra Prime



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