Camera Stabilization For MiniDV


Anyone have experience with the different handheld stabilizations systems (Steadicam Jnr., Glide Cam, Handy Cam)?

What are their strengths and weaknesses?

Bob Hayes

>Anyone have experience with the different handheld stabilizations >systems (Steadicam Jnr., GlideCam, HandyCam)?

Why not try :

Works very well.

Robert Rouveroy csc
The Hague, Holland

I plan to live forever. So far, so good.


I have been using a Steadicam JR. for 17 years now. It is a big part of my tool belt. A few things to remember.

1/. It takes some tedious fuzing to get it set up. About 30 min. Once set up it's a breeze as long as you don't add anything to it like a different size battery, shotgun mike etc. Then you have to start all over.

2/. Set it up with a WA lens a .6 or .7 works great. The DVX 100 is wide enough but is over the recommended weight limit of 4 lb. Telephotos are tough and take skill.

3/. Practice is paramount. Spend a lot of time walking around framing things and learning how to guide the camera. You won't have any success trying to control the Steadicam. You have to carefully guide it.

4/. Thinking the steadicam shot is paramount. You have to understand the whole 3-d on 2-d surface thing to make the best use of it. Establishing shots work great.

5/. The biggest enemy of the Steadicam is wind and not understanding it's limitations. Use it sparingly and tastefully.

6/. The Glidecam and all the other knock offs are OK but be aware of their limitations. Remember it is still just a tool.

7/. Practice, practice, practice....

8/. Once you have spent a month or so mastering the various aspects of this wonderful tool. You can start strapping on the inline skates, ice skates, bicycle.

9/. If possible start with a 6-8 second well framed still, then make your planned move and end on another well framed still 6-8 seconds in length. This gives the editor a myriad of options.

10/. It's not the wand, but the magician!

Robert Kittilä

Funny you should ask. Somebody gave me an iMovie to clean up : must've had Parkinson's or smoke too much or had the chills.

I found this:

...and it worked fine AFTER the fact. Cheaper than a tripod, dolly or Steadicam. Yes, I know, it is a tiny bit softer but it saved his bacon. Due to the generally lousy TV signal, it was not noticeable on the home screen, even intercut. Was possibly sharpened at the studio.

And yes, there are various Window apps too doing the same thing.

Look here :

Robert Rouveroy csc
The Hague, Holland

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