Canon EOS 1Dc


Novemebr 2003

These are three test shots that I made this time last year with a pre-production Canon EOS 1Dc.

They are shot at the three setting available for motion images.

4K Motion Jpeg, S35 H264 and HD H264, the tests were shot sequentially and image size diiferences reflect the way that the sensor is cropped or not in the different modes. The lens is a 17mm T&S EF.

All versions were loaded in to Resolve and then rendered out at the same HD H264 setting, they are all full res.

Because of the way that Vimeo processes clips, which can minimise differences, I have also uploaded cropped images at HD res, the differences are very clear here...

4K-Motion-JPEG-Rendered to HD from Geoff Boyle on Vimeo. from Geoff Boyle on Vimeo. from Geoff Boyle on Vimeo.

As a result of these and other tests I'd be really happy to use the 4K mode which I think is outstanding but I'm really not happy with the other modes.


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