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DP Micael Carmine has shared hi resolution test of the RED :-


I tested the Red camera with the industry Century Percision Chart system. I used a 85mm Zeiss Super speed mark II lens at a distance of 14'2" at an f-stop of 2.8/4. Which put me at the 50x chart of table A. The results were not what the emotional Red people would lead you to believe. I took one 4k frame and enlarged it to study the chart using a macbook pro and preview.

The 85mm Zeiss Super-speed Mark 2 t1.3 tested at greater than 120lines per millimeter on a lens projector which far exceeds 35mm film or the RedOne. If someone has the Zeiss Lens Evaluator if would be great to know what the 85mm lens tests out at.
But for my test the important thing is this lens double the resolution of both formats.

The chart for the center of the image at 4K was a lines per millimeter at 42.

The left side was the same 42.

The right side was not resolving the vertical but did resolve the horizontal which puts the right side of this build 17 Red one at less than 42.

I did the same test with 35mm 5217 and the same Zeiss 85mm lens and got better than 62 lines per millimeter in the center. I used a 50x Microscope to enlarged the single frame.

The data conclusion is that the Red One camera with it's 4k file has 1/3 less resolution than 35mm film.

Contray to the emotional red community the RedOne 4k camera is not equal to 35mm film.

As on the image to download the 48Mb TIFF


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