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Compact Primes CP.2

He all,

Did anybody among you had the chance to play or shoot with the CP.2 series from Zeiss yet??

I know they are not master primes or S5 or so but this series does look quite interesting... I got two of the ZE series Zeiss for my 5D mk2 which I use mostly for taking stills and they are quite nice

I just wonder how the CP.2 would hold up for cine/better video work. like what would happen if you put them on a RED or god forbid an Arri or Aaton.

Would they suffice for small/big commercial work or fiction? what about breathing, sharpness on the very big screen, CA and other stuff??A Plus I Guess would be the fact that they cover Full Frame Photo (or vista vision) so once RED comes with their FF epic these would be one of the only series that would cover the whole sensor, right?

Any thoughts?


Bart Van Otterdijk
Focus puller/DOP
Brussels, Belgium

I have used the CP version 1's and they are great on the RED and 35mm. Very sharp when watching back on a 2K Sony projector and off the print. They breath very little.

Tom Waugh
AFTRS Cine Student
Sydney, Australia

Bart Van Otterdijk wrote:

>>....what about breathing?

When did the term "breathing" come to be applied to a prime lens?

Kent Hughes

>>When did the term "breathing" come to be applied to a prime lens?

Image breathing (the appearance of a slight zoom during a focus change) can happen in primes or zooms. Plenty of lenses suffer this issue, although more modern designs mitigate it and zooms usually suffered worse than primes in general. The CP.2 lenses do quite well in this regard.

Mitch Gross
Applications Specialist
Abel Cine Tech

> >When did the term "breathing" come to be applied to a prime lens?

Well, if you've ever looked through a Master Prime you'll be familiar with the term "heavy breathing"...


Art Adams | Director of Photography
4 1 5 . 7 6 0 . 5 1 6 7
San Francisco Bay Area

showreel ->


Any fixed element grouping design in a lens will "breathe." It's a consequence of magnifying the image. Only "prime" lenses that have cams (actually mini zooms) that change the size of the image during focus to keep the image a constant size do not "breathe."


Francis M. Woods
President of PSA
Large Format B&W Still Photographer

I thank you all for setting me straight

Coming up through the ranks, I had not heard the term used about anything other than the slight lens size shift while focusing through a zoom. And then, it was very apparent.

In recent years I've heard the term used very imprecisely, and wanted to
make sure where we stood.

Kent Hughes

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