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>Cover Super 16mm - (Terrific Web Page)

9th Sept. 2006

I have a S16mm camera which can take B, PL, Nikon, C, and Canon still lenses. Yup ACL.... Now here's the thing... Is there a list of all the lenses which will cover S16 out there??

T J Williams

I spent a lot of time on this page and I think it is fairly comprehensive, although I need to update it with newer lenses (mostly zoom) that have come on the market in the last 3 years. AFAIK it is the only page of it's kind on the net.

Jorge Diaz-Amador
Designer / Technician
CinemaTechnic, Inc.
Miami, FL USA



Thanks for a WONDERFUL page and all your great research!!!

Jeff Barklage, s.o.c.
US based DP
view reel online :

Thank you very much for posting the link for us, Jorge!

Nice work!

Jessica Gallant
Los Angeles based Director of Photography
West Coast Systems Administrator, Cinematography Mailing List

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