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Lens comparisons, Cooke, Master Prime, RED Prime


These shots were done during the Santa Fe workshop in Amsterdam in September 2009

All were exposed at T2.

I have rendered out in Rec 709 and at full res, 36Mb files.

These were what the class wanted to shoot to check the lenses out

All lenses are 50mm

Nothing was changed between shots.

There may be some noise as I pushed the gain in the render to make them clearer the object of the test was to see how loe they could go.

As usual click on any thumbnail to get the full res image.

I was tempted to leave the labels off and ask you to email me with which lens was which but I won't do that this time......

Cooke 50mm T2

Zeiss Master Prime 50mm T2

Red Prime 50mm T2

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