Matching 2 REDs

These are very simple grades of RED files in response to the BSC camera comparisons and the badly transfered RED images.

The raw R3D files were loaded in to Iridas SpeedGrade OnSet and whilst the JPEG's look dark the DPX files look right on a calibrated monitor.

Actually, the JPEG's look fine on a 1.8 gamma screen ie Mac.

Only the printer light adjustments were used so only overall RGB adjustments could be made. The file names incorporate the printer light settings. I didn't want to do any more complex grading as this wasn't the point!

Camera A has the wide lightweight Optimo

Camera B has the long lightweight Optimo

The RED cameras were turned on, set to 320 ISO and 6500Kelvin, 180 degree shutter and 25fps

Exposure was read with a Minolta VI in both incident and spot settings using ISO 320

An interesting side issue here is that the cameras colour is close to identical there is a quarter stop exposure difference between them but this could have easily been iris releated.

No other adjustments have been made. As usual click on the small image to download the full DPx file. They are very big files!


Camera A 22-25-28

Camera B 24-27-30

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