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Red One In 2K Mode

Hi All,

I have a Red query, that I'm sure can be answered here.
When the Red One is shooting in 2K mode, does it use all of the full Super 35 size sensor?


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Eric Dsouza wrote :

>>When the Red One is shooting in 2K mode, does it use all of the full Super 35 size sensor?

No. More like Super16. By cropping/windowing the sensor to a smaller area, they can clock up the frame rate to speeds not possible with the full sensor.

Smaller the area, faster the possible frame rate.
Be aware that 3k is also an option up to about 60fps.

The sensor area being used, the codec data rate (28 or 36), the recording media, and the aspect ratio all affect the maximum shootable frame rate - anywhere from a max of 25fps up to 120fps.

The frame rate matrix is tough to keep in your head, so I use the handy ISee4K iPhone app for this and other tasks. TOTALLY worth the tiny bit of money the developer charges.

Mike Curtis
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And the softer the image. Take a look first and make sure you're good with the look. 120 fps is a great advantage as long as it doesn't have to be razor sharp.

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The red sensor windows are as follows :

4K Recording Area is 22.2mm x 12.6mm
3K Recording Area is 16.65mm x 9.36mm
2K Recording Area is 11.1mm x 6.24mm

In Imperial (meaning American), that translates as follows :

RED 4k .874 x.496
Red 3k .650 x .369
Red 2k .437 x .246

Note that RED in 4K is not a Super 35 sensor width if you are calculating angles of view of fields of view, you should note that RED in 4k is closer to 35mm Academy width Super 35 is either .945 or .925...depending on where you get your cameras....and there is a long story behind the difference ...

Hope this helps

Mark H. Weingartner

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