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Red School

I've just gotten my first job with the Red. Although apparently the camera will come with a tech (owner?) I would like to be prepared. I remember that there was an LA local company at HD Expo that was offering a Red school. Anyone remember who that was? Or is there any other way to quickly get up to speed on the camera. I don't need to worry about post path other than to maximize the quality of my images. The job is in a month.

Marty Mullin
Los Angeles
818 712-0272
305 606-1262

You might also check out the rental houses that support Red. They often have great info. e.g., I like what Keslow Camera has done and they can help if you're renting there.

I think I learned the most when I shot my own tests of build 17, did my own files, etc... eye opening.

Mark Doering-Powell
LA based DP

I second Marks comment. There are lots of rental houses with good info. Keslow, The Camera House, and CamTec have well informed folks with lots of experience with Red.

Here's a good site with some great info for first time and current users.

- FCP workflow
- Red Overview ( some inaccuracies)
- Build 17 Menu Tree

Good luck,

Dane Brehm
Cinema Data Tech
Phantom | Red | Codex

Marty Mullin wrote :

> Or is there any other way to quickly get up to speed on the camera.

I'd recommend a couple of hours at a rental house that is both film and video. I've seen too many owner/rental vendors or RED/HD only vendors that are a little too high on the BS meter for my liking.
We're fortunate here in the SF Bay Area to have two great video rental houses that defy that opinion, however. But in LA, the ones mentioned by Dane and Mark would be great. For a DP, you might want to brow-beat your AC into coming with you to a hands on session at the rental house. It'd benefit you to have your AC on the same wave length as you as regards set up of the camera's options and being able to explore those options without the time pressure of a real prep would be good.

Rod Williams
Motion Picture and HD First Camera Assistant
Petaluma, California
(707) 778-7524 Home
(415) 309-3407 Cell

I would add to the "Reducators" Cliff Hsui, a DIT and VP at Sim Video who developed the Local 600 RED training seminar that we have been putting on in LA, NY, and New Orleans (so far.)
He has been very generous with his time and knowledge in our effort to get our members familiar with this camera.

The menu tree that Dane references is really useful. While a bit daunting at first glance, one of the nice things about its layout is that the menu items are accessed by using the up, down, left and right option wiggly pointer thingie button on the camera going in the same directions as the menu has been laid out, so it is not just a graphic representation of the hierarchy of the menu items, but it sort of guides the directions you have to go in the menus to get to the places you are trying to go.

Full disclosure : As chair of the ICG national training committee, I have worked closely with Cliff [actually, I just kibbitzed, nit-picked, and badgered] to make our program as "real-world fact-based" as possible and I think he did a fantastic job with it.

We will be planning future RED workshops open to all classifications of local 600 members in different cities...but I don't know if we have anything happening in time for your job.

Mark H. Weingartner
LA-based VFX DP/Supervisor

Hi Marty,

If you're looking for a class and don't mind paying for it, I believe Kappa Studios in Burbank hosts one. I get emails from them all the time and have seen their sign while driving by. No affiliation, of course, and I don't know a lot about their program, just seen the ads.

I agree that Cliff Hsui of Sim Video is a great teacher, and I learned a lot from the Local 600 training (got to spend an hour quizzing Brook Willard, who's a genius with the RED). Art Adams posted some great articles on ProVideoCoalition, too -- they really helped me out when I was doing my first RED shoot. I also took advantage of a rental house or two to learn about the camera beforehand, and felt pretty confident after doing lots of homework. I use a Canon DSLR a lot, and it felt very similar.


Graham Futerfas
Director of Photography
Los Angeles, CA

I've got a bunch of old red articles on my blog that may help :

Some are quite old (build 14) but the later ones are still valid.
Art Adams | dp
san jose | ca | usa

Thank you Mark for letting people know about Sim Video's involvement of the IATSE RED Workshop. If any members of the CML have any questions with the RED, its workflow, on set Data Procedures, Set up procedures or would like some hands on 1 on 1 with the camera, please contact me off list and I can try to accommodate something depending on scheduling and availability of our cameras at the Sim Video Hollywood office.

Cliff Hsui
VP of Marketing & Technologies
Camera Department Manager
738 N. Cahuenga Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90038

Marty - Kappa Studios holds a "RED Boot Camp" every so often. I believe the instructor's name is Gianni, or ask for Paul Long.

Steve Gyuire
Account Exec.
HD Expo

>>If you're looking for a class and don't mind paying for it, I believe Kappa Studios in Burbank hosts >>one.

Kappa Studios charges for a "Full day long course: $329 per person".

We're just entering--tomorrow 1/17 as matter of the fact--into the RED training market, specializing in a different kind of education: teaching the complexities, intricacies, tricks and methods of data management and color correction using the available technologies, including 3cP, and our costs half as much.

Jason Bauer,
Project Manager,
Gamma and Density Co.(TM)
3349 Cahuenga Blvd West, Suite 3
Los Angeles, CA 90068
office +323-436-7593

Hi Marty,
Take Cliff up on his offer. I attended the Local 600 training session he taught in New Orleans and he is an excellent teacher.

Good Luck,

Steve Ciffone
First AC,
South Florida, USA

Thanks, Steve.

Marty Mullin
Los Angeles
818 712-0272
305 606-1262

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