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Red Underwater

Howdy, I have a shoot coming up and I'd like to take a red underwater.
The format is already locked in.

Anyone done this recently? Is there a working system in place?

It would be with master primes, standard red/et package. Any experience and or things to look out for would be awesome!

Thanks y'all-

Samuel Brownfield

Go with Hydroflex, they have the best system I have used to date.

Not affiliated with Hydroflex just a really big fan.

Tony Magaletta

HYDROFLEX is awesome and they’ll have excellent service.

I've had the chance to use the Gates "Deep Red" Housing (with Ultraprime) which worked flawlessly. Not sure if you could fit a masterprime but anything’s possible.

Good luck,

Dane Brehm
Cinema Data Tech/ IA600 DIT
Phantom | Red | D21

You could get in touch with Chris Burkett @ ET, I know they have one for deep water work, similar to the others mentioned here. Air Sea Land has a splash housing, their "HD" model, that appears to fit the red and that's good for up to 5-7ft.

Sean Porter
(425) 753 0386

Whatever you do, don't use the Aquavideo housing. I just did a last minute shoot where the gear was already locked in, and this is definitely not a pro housing. A Master Prime would never fit, the focus and iris controls were not functional, and there's no BNC connection.

My first call would always be Hydroflex

Craig Kief
LA based DP

I have the aquavideo housing and it is correct to say "out of the box" it does not offer much in the way of controls. With the help of Red Rentals in Mexico we have adapted and updated the housing, with carbon fiber controls to offer the following:

Full iris control
Full zoom and focus controls
HD-SDI Video Assist to the service

We have successfully used the housing to shoot pop promos for Warner Music and several cinema adverts.
The Aquavideo housing we have will accommodate prime and ultra lenses. Check the RED Nab Reel 2009 and you can see much of the underwater work we have completed using the aquavideo housing

I have personally spent time at gates reviewing the deep red and their housing is very good too. I can provide you with photos of the adaptations we have made to the Aquavideo housing


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