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I'm searching for a light:)weight ring light! I need to put together a finely balanced camera with a ringlight-but without to much weight on the front of the lens. I've seen the Kinoflow Kamio, but are there any other options that people have come across that might be applicable.


Ed Mash
Dp London

Sounds like your best bet would be the camio ringlight, maybe add some ND to it if it's too bright. It's designed really nicely to do almost exactly what you say. If you wanted it thinner maybe you could have someone who's good with a matte knife make a round, skinny cookie for it that would fit over it.

Phil Badger, gaffer

>I'm searching for a light:)weight ring light!

Does it need to be a ring light?

Photon Beard, a UK manufacture have a fluorescent camera top light that is 12V/10W. This works well up to around 2 metres (6') from the lens.

Details can be found at www.photonbeard.com the unit is called the Hyperlight.

I am a dealer for Photon Beard if you need to purchase and am UK based.


Peter Daffarn

>If you wanted it thinner maybe you could have someone who's good >with a matte knife make a round, skinny cookie

Or just use black tape on the kamio itself...


Paolo Dy
Director / Cinematographer
Manila, Philippines

I too have used neon around my lens, its cool stuff, u can get yr supplier
to charge yr tubes with different gas mixes achieving, unique colour mixes and c. temps...

Jason Thomas
Perth, australia.

There's a problem with the photonbeard website, I'll keep trying.

Essentially I'm not a great fan of ringlights, this is a directors request, but what I'm "dreaming" of is a Microflow that's been bent to fit neatly around the lens, like a doughnut ring, and then has a small reflector behind it. The desired effect is a subtle ring reflection in the iris, I'm not after a big exposure.

A micro Kamio would be perfect- If anyone from the Kino Flow R&D department is reading this then remember you read it here first ;)


Ed Mash
Dp London

There are some pretty interesting ring lights used with larger microscopes small flouro etc.I was supprised.... don't know about cost... anything Led seemed expensive

I just did a search under ring-lights


Graham Rutherford

The Kamio was the first port of call and an excellent choice, but I'm looking for something very lite weight! The camera will be very finely balanced and stripped down to the bare minimum,up on lite weight cranes, hand held etc! Someone suggested leaving the film out :)

...and Yes I did the same search and found some interesting designs on a medical website. I wondered if anyone had followed the same route and actually used any of them, or perhaps knew of a neon manufacturer who had made a working prototype?

Thanks for your suggestion, though.

Ed Mash
Dp London

I had a neon sign maker bend a circular tube to fit around the lense.....didn't cost much, from memory...and you can pick the colour of the neon.

It didn't give out much light.. certainly didn't weigh much .. working so close to the associated high voltage was scary and the heavily insulated leads to the high tension power supply were a bit of a bore.

With all the electronic gadgets now attached to cameras I guess you would need to be careful of induced voltage.

I also had an eyelight made in the shape of a cross ...(religous style cross), to reflect in the bad guys retina... Ahh but that's another piece of history gathering dust in a video store somewhere.

Best of Luck

Graham Rutherford

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