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Security Laser Effect - Follow Up

FYI for any interested. We shot the commercial for the Jimmy Neutron video game Monday and Tuesday and transferred Wednesday (5218, Super 35 Jumbo TV, C-Reality) - thankfully all before that crazy blackout! I must give thanks to all who responded and special kudos to CML’er Alan Jacobsen for his suggestion of the electroluminescent wire. The Art Department built a beautiful set with that diamond-steel flooring and interestingly textured aluminium walls which would later show wonderful reflections. Holes were drilled in the flats and the battery-operated, red-glowing wires were pulled taught across the set which was further braced with wall spreaders across the top to keep it as solid as possible. The camera (an Arricam ST) was placed far out on a braced ubangi and inserted into the wires to allow a dolly out reveal as the young actors stepped into the set (which was lightly smoked).

Our original idea was to use the wire as placement for future replacement as many suggested. However when the film was transferred the "beams" looked amazing! Everyone was asking how we did it (till they saw a take where one of the kids hit a wire and apparently invoked some special law of relativity). The post effects artist has already done a test where he isolated each beam in a luminance channel and added a moving fractal cloud where the dark areas will read transparent which makes a cool and realistic "smoke revealing the beams effect".

I also want to mention my gaffer (& CML lurker - sorry Pat), Pat Donnelly, who really worked hard with me to pull it off.

Thanks again to everyone,

Dane Lawing

Thanks for the follow up, Dane.

This a national spot? I would love to see it. Glad you got it done before the blackout. How you New Yorkers holding up with that as well as the rest who may be affected?

Marty Hamrick
Jacksonville, Fl

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