Time Lapse with Digital Stills (3)

>Stuart Brereton

Here's a couple of timelapse shots from dSLR. Both Canon 10D with a Canon 28mm t1.4 prime.


>Telecom Tower was 1/100 sec exposure at t5.6. Camera set to 100asa.1 frame every 5 seconds.


>Motorway was 2 second exposure at t8. 100 asa. 1 frame every 6 seconds.

Their are links to full size file below each clip

Taken at Medium JPEG quality (2048 x 1360 (2.8 megapixels)) Resized to 1920 x 1080 in Photoshop. Assembled as image sequence in Quicktime Pro.

These smaller versions are encoded with Sorenson 3

Stuart Brereton

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