UHD evaluations Alexa, C300-2, Dragon, F55, Varicam

I've re-compiled these tests from 5 cameras to provide UHD versions.

Where possible the manufacturers software was used to produce EXR files in ACEScc space and these were then compiled using Resolve 12.1

The Varicam wasn't available in RAW when we shot the tests and there is no manufatcurers software so these files were taken natively into Resolve.

Tge RED files were also taken into resolve directly from the R3D's because although I tried to create EXR's in RedCineX it was taking so long I could see myself being here this time next year still waiting, no I don't have a RED Rocket but then again I didn't have any acceleration for the ARRI, Canon or Sony RAW files...

Although Vimeo can only show HD the UHD files can be downloaded from there or, all the files are also on YouTube UHD Versions


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