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These have all been rendered from the original files in Combustion.

The process was...

capture RAW

convert RAW to TIFF and resize from 2546 to 2048 in Photoshop at this time shadow/highlight correwction was also applied.

import TIFF frames into Combustion

slight sharpen (6%)

motion blur

add 5245 grain (samples 36, phase 100, shutter 15, custom curve)

colour correct

Render out to DV and DPX, this took around 1 hour for the 4 second DPX sequence on a 3.2Ghz P4 with 1Gb of memory, Hyper thread enabled.

There are still faults with the tests, dirt on the lens class="moz-smiley-s1"> :-) matte box in shot, motion blur isn't right yet (I'm still learning about this)

Setup was G5, internal ND on, Tungsten Balance, Tiffen 85BPola, Harrison NBRA 3, F8 at 2.5 seconds per frame.

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