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These images were shot in Hannover on the 11th of August 2011 by the Master Class at the Hannover Hands on Workshops.

They were shot in 2 batches, high light level and low light level. Unfortunately I forgot to mention to the students that the lighting should match exactly at each level, however, the results as far as exposure goes are still valid.

The Alexa material was recorded in Pro res on SxS cards and frames grabbed using SpeedGrade NX, no alterations were made to the original image.

The Epic material was recorded at 5:1 on SSD's and output using RedCine-X build 489, Red Color2 and RedLogFilm. We shot with and withough HDR turned on, when on it was at 3 stops. The results are shown with Simple Blend, Magic Motion and off. The levels vary a lot as I was using this for the first time and doing it by eye but it should give you a clear idea of the potential.

For some reason the minus 1.5 HDR shots didn't have HDR turned on.

The Sony F3 material was recorded to SxS cards at 35Mb, we did try the new SSD system but technical difficulties have prevented me from using that version. DPX files were made from the originals using AVS then SpeedGrade OnSet.

Lightin was set for a number of other cameras and as a rwsult 0 on the charts is for 400ISO where all these cameras were set at 800 ISO so minus 1 is the "correct" exposure.

As usual 1920 * 1080 DPX files are linked to each thumbnail.

Epic Simple Blend
Epic Magic Motion
Epic no HDR
Sony F3


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