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David Stump ASC RED Color Chart  Over Under Frames
Details of 11/07/2006 Shoot

Subjects were DSC Chroma Du Monde, DSC Focus Star, MacBeth Color Checker
Lens was a Cooke S-4 65mm S/N 65-0937.  Focus Distance was 9 feet.  Charts were cross front lit with 2K tungsten from  45 deg. both sides.  Average color temp was 3100 deg. Kelvin.  I conducted a preliminary exposure test to determine how to rate the camera’s ASA which I determined to assume at ASA 200.  Ther results of that test can be observed in the series of greenscreen wedges seen elsewhere in these materials.)  Charts were lit for f 16 @ ASA 200, 180 shutter at 24 fps, 1/48th sec. exp. time.  Exposure was metered with Spectra Cine Pro IV meter s/n 11752 calibrated 5/2006 by Nassar Zaidi of Spectra Cine.  Color temp was metered with Minolta Color meter II s/n105677 calibrated 5/2006 by Nassar Zaidi of Spectra Cine.  Deep underexposures above f22 were achieved through the use of a full set of new Tiffen 4x5 neutral density glass filters, no attempt was made to characterize any color shift created by the use of these filters.  Camera Gain setting was 5447 (standard neutral setting) and at the camera’s native 5000K color balance.  The native 12 bit bayer images were debayered and converted to uncompressed RGB 16bit tiffs in a prototype RedCine application developed by Graeme Nattress.  The Redcine application added 2.2 gamma, black offset correction, some small white balance correction, and added a small contrast curve.  No dead pixel correction was applied.  No color correction has been attempted yet, I will color correct the images in the next week and post some examples then.

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