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Frame Grabs From Tests On .. Ilford SFX200 Near Infra Red Film

They were shot in Devon UK at the end of my garden, around 9:30 am.

They're the centre exposure of runs that go from -2 to +2 stops at half stop increments.
The unfiltered shot was rated at 100 ISO which is the recommended rating and it seems to be spot on.

The red filter was a 2 stop loss so film rated at 25 ISO for those tests.

The SFX was shot as a 4 stop loss as recommended, it may have been marginally less maybe 3 2/3 film rated at 6 ISO.

Base T stop was 11 unfiltered with a 45 degree shutter to allow for exposure variation with shutter.

So 5.6 with red and 2.8 with IR which was a gel in the gate of my 435.

The tests were shot on a Cooke 32mm and NO compensation was made for focus shift.

Unfortunately rain clouds moving in killed the black sky/white clouds effect, the weather is perfect for more tests at the moment but my kit is in transit to my next shoot.

No Filter

>No Filter

>Red Filter

>Red Filter

>Infra Red Filter

>Infra Red Filter

>Fuji 64D

>A colour reference shot on Fuji 64D

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