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Fixing Nets To Lenses

What could be better then snot tape (3M transfer tape) ...

I've been using it for 13 years and have never had a problem. It works in virtually every circumstance, it won't damage anything (the rental houses appreciate that), it's quick and easy to remove. (There are times where I need to remove the net for say a close up product shot. I can quickly pull off the net and then replace it in moments without having to work very carefully with glues.) I like the fact that it has some give to it. There are lenses where the rear element moves during focusing. With the snot tape everything is free to move along.

Of course there are lenses that accept net holders and I have pre made up holders for those lenses. Also 40.5mm and 48mm rings with nets for any lens that accepts those rings.

Mako Koiwai

Another good way to do a quick net mounting job on the back of a video lens is to cut the outer edge off of a 35mm still, can top with a razor blade. This works with both the B3 Ikegami and B4 Sony mounts. Use that outer can top ring and push it over the lens flange. When pushing the lid ring over the lens it will stretch the net a little making a nice neet job. Just pop it off when finished and save it for the next time.

Paul M. Zenk

I learned about netting rear elements of video cameras with I-Rings from this list about two years ago. I-Rings will fit over the rear element of many video lenses in seconds. They come off as easily, and the same net can be reused if you're careful storing them. When I do a multi-camera video shoot, I can use pre-rigged I-Rings and net 5 lenses in about 10 minutes. Try that with snot tape.

Contact Jim Iacona at the I-Ring Company at: (415) 647-4845

Tim Glass

OK, Pardun my ignorance on this but what is an I-ring? I know of O-rings, are they similiar? I presume that this doesn't work on motion picture camera lenses but would love to hear different. Thanks.

Jim Sofranko

I-Rings are two plastic interlocking rings that when "snapped together, will lock a net in place. The assembled ring can then be slid onto the rear element of most 2/3" chip Sony and Ikegami lenses with B4 mounts.

I asked the manufacturer if they made them for cine lenses, but they don't. They only make I-Rings in one diameter, so they won't work on most motion picture camera lenses since the rear element diameter varies so much. Problems with shutter/mirror clearance on some lenses, too.

When I bought mine, they were about $20.00 each.

Hope that helps,

Tim Glass

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