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January 16, 2006

When I did my 2K 444 tests I challenged anyone to send me other tests these are Tim Sassoons's tests of the Canon HDV:-

As usual click on any frame for a full res one

            This is my Canon XL-H1 dynamic range test. Camera serial #11. The only change from factory setup is skin detail Off. Gain at 0db, color balance at 3200K, shooting mode Manual, single soft box above lens. Target is Macbeth ColorChecker in the middle, and Kodak Color Checker on the left and right for comparison. F-stops are electronic on this camera, ranging from f.1.8 (only available when wide) to f.9.5. I used the range of f.2.0 to f.8 in half stops (in most cases, there are three intermediate stops), augmented with shutter changes. How accurate the f-stops are, who knows? They're electronically controlled, so I can't check the lens off the camera. All I can tell you is that the edge fuzziness wide open is pretty good :-) These images were saved (Photo) by the camera onto an SD card, and have not been re-saved or converted in any way.

                                                                                                  – Tim Sassoon

Shutter:           ND:                 F-stop:

1/360th sec., "1/6th" lens ND, f.9.5

     1/250th sec., "1/6th" lens ND, f.9.5

     1/180th sec., "1/6th" lens ND, f.9.5

     1/120th sec., "1/6th" lens ND, f.9.5

       1/90th sec., "1/6th" lens ND, f.9.5

       1/60th sec., "1/6th" lens ND, f.9.5

        1/60th sec., "1/6th" lens ND, f.8

      1/60th sec., "1/6th" lens ND, f.6.7

       1/60th sec., "1/6th" lens ND, f.5.6

       1/60th sec., "1/6th" lens ND, f.4.8

      1/60th sec., "1/6th" lens ND, f.4

      1/60th sec., "1/6th" lens ND, f.3.4

      1/60th sec., "1/6th" lens ND, f.2.8

         1/60th sec., "1/6th" lens ND, f.2.4

       1/60th sec., "1/6th" lens ND, f.2 Normal f.2

1/48th sec., no ND, f.8 Normal f.8

    1/48th sec., no ND, f.6.7

        1/48th sec., no ND, f.5.6

     1/48th sec., no ND, f.4.8

         1/48th sec., no ND, f.4

    1/48th sec., no ND, f.3.4

      1/48th sec., no ND, f.2.8

     1/48th sec., no ND, f.2.4

     1/48th sec., no ND, f.2

        1/24th sec., no ND, f.2.4

     1/24th sec., no ND, f.2

   1/12th sec., no ND, f.2.4

         1/12th sec., no ND, f.2

      1/6th sec., no ND, f.2.4

      1/6th sec., no ND, f.2

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