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Idiff Viper Images

The images below link to full frame .dpx files, just click to download.

At Idiff we had 3 sets to try out the various cameras capabilities, I only have the viper images at the moment, we also had Arri-D20, Panasonic Varicam, Panavision Genesis and A Sony f950.

The first set was a low key green screen, we had a CG background to match the images to.

I used a 90 degree mechanical shutter to sharpen the swords edges for the key. Green was at 50% with little/no reading in Red or Blue.

Screen read 2.8.7, brightest white was 5.6, exposed at 4

20mm DigiPrime 30CC Magenta Filter

Next up was a low light level figure

Key from left was 10FC, fill from left was 1FC the light direct from camera was U, camera shutter at 315 degrees exposure was T1.6

Once again 20mm DigiPrime no filter

For the sunset shot of the juggler I switched the Viper to 2:37 mode

Shutter 180 degrees but we shot at 30FPS for playback at 25FPS to give us a slight slo-mo effect

5MM Digiprime with a 85N3 and 4 stops of ND in the camera T2

Focus on Juggler

Finally the shot that wasn't done ojn any of the other cameras, when I was a news cameraman I was taught to be there first and leave last.

We waited until the sunset was way gone

Shutter 180 degrees, I should have used 315 degrees but I'd had a few beers whilst waiting for the light :-)

3.9mm Digiprime 2:37 no filters

These are the Viper look files in a ZIP file

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