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The sharing of experience and knowledge of cinematography is important to us, as we recognise that change is constant and there is a need to keep up to date with factual information and not the ill-informed gossip that propagates across most of the ‘net.

Beginners and non-cinematographers are welcome to read any list, but we’d be grateful if they kept their questions to the mentor discussion list, where cinematographers will answer questions as their schedules allow...

The discussions menus take you to the current discussions where professional cinematographers share knowledge and information and help with the continued education of anyone involved in cinematography.

The reference menus take you to edited discussions on a vast range of subjects related to cinematography.

We independently and thoroughly test all new cinematography cameras and lenses in a quickly changing environment and the equipment evaluations menus will take you to the tests.

As cinematography standards are compromised with the introduction of equipment that makes it easy to get “acceptable” results we help professional cinematographers hold on to a sense of discipline and quality. “Good enough” is not good enough and “close enough” is miles away from good.

Of necessity our discussions are often of a technical nature, but we never lose sight of the fact that we are “Guardians of the Image”.

These discussions were started in 1996 by Geoff Boyle NSC and the participants are cinematographers and their crew, as well as representatives of all the main manufacturing and rental companies involved in cinematography worldwide.

We at CML are shocked and saddened by the tragic loss of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. While the authorities work to establish what happened, we would like to encourage everyone who works in the film business to always voice their concerns on safety at any time, so another loss can be avoided. As professionals, we always strive to complete the daily schedule at our best, regardless of limited resources and insufficient rest. As artists, we always give our heart and soul to the story we are putting on screen. As human beings, we always care for our fellow crew members, talent, and anyone else on set, and we should always protect people who trust us: because we are professionals, artists and humans.

Alternatives to real firearms should be used on set whenever possible, always adopting all necessary safety measures to avoid another tragedy like this ever happening again. Working hours should be balanced with necessary rest. The sufficient number of competent and experienced people should be provided for the task, along with appropriate tools to do the job properly and safely. Nobody should be rushed in a way that safety checks are skipped. Ever.

Our thoughts and prayers go to Halyna Hutchins’s family and friends, and to everyone affected by this huge loss. A professional artist and wonderful human being is no longer with us. This should never happen again.

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