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A series of online discussions between CML members about issues that affect them. Join them live every week on Wednesday: Los Angeles 10 am, New York 1 pm, UK 6 pm, Western Europe 19:00, India 10:30 pm (times may vary when countries transition to/from summer time). You'll get to see the full unexpurgated version then!  :-)

Not all discussions are recorded; not all that are recorded are posted — another reason to tune in live.


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Cinematographers rambling about how to use any digital camera as a webcam

2023-11-01: FilmLight’s Digital Chromogen

2023-05-03: Post-NAB Discussion, part II

2023-04-26: A Post-NAB Discussion

2023-01-11: Avatar: The Way of Underwater

2022-11-16: The Odyssey 7Q+ in 2022

2022-10-26: What Camera to Buy?

2022-10-12: Super8 Music Videos: Tales From the Inside

2022-09-21: Fujifilm X-H2 and X-H2S cameras

2022-08-10: Accurate Color, Panaluxe, and Direct Scene-Referred Color

2022-08-03: Music Videos

2022-06-22: ALEXA 35, and more...

2022-06-08: Using the Zone System for video / cinema

2022-06-01: The ARRI ALEXA 35

2022-05-18: David Leitner & Mark Forman review NAB 2022

2022-04-20: Blackmagic announcements, NAB, FCP, and more

2022-03-30: Bad B Roll, Etc.

2022-03-23: Multi-Camera Interview Framing

2022-03-16: LED Walls and Volumes

2022-03-02: The GH6, FX3, & Similar Cameras; the Revolution in Lighting

2022-02-23: Shooting Film (Etc.)

2022-02-16: Multiple In-Camera Colour Systems

2022-02-09: Lighting Leading Ladies (and/or Main Men)

2022-02-02: Instagram & other Social Media for Marketing & Outreach

2022-01-26: Where Has All The Color Gone?

2022-01-19: Drones (and color, and lighting)

2022-01-12: Crash Glass

2022-01-04: Color, Revisited

2021-12-22: Color Management Terminology & Practice

2021-12-15: Repurposed Lenses

2021-10-20: WFO, Ronin 4D, and Lighting

2021-10-13: Working Conditions

2021-10-06: The Role of the Colorist

2021-09-29: Wireless Off-Set Monitoring

2021-09-15: Diversity Dilemmas

2021-09-08: The Business of Cinematography

2021-09-01: Young Cinematographers

2021-08-25: Blackmagic Design URSA Mini Pro 12K

2021-08-18: David Leitner on Filming with the A7Siii

2021-08-11: Mitch Gross: Prolycht and LED Lighting

2021-08-04: Budgeting (and Cameras)

2021-07-07: Geoff’s Farewell

2021-06-30: Why Some Monitors Appear Green

2021-06-23: Field-Modifiable Lenses

2021-06-16: Insurance (among other things)

2021-06-02: Polaroids for Previews?

2021-05-26: How Did Your Door Open?

2021-05-19: Handheld Camera/Lens Combos

2021-05-12: In-the-Moment Solves

2021-05-05: Cliches and Rules?

2021-04-28: Ira Tiffen on Filters in the Digital Era
edited to remove faffing about while dealing with screen-sharing hiccups

2021-04-21: Not About The FX9

2021-04-07: COVID and Work, part II

2021-03-31: Alternative Cameras

2021-03-24: Virtual Production

2021-03-17: Monitoring

2021-03-10: Steadicam, or Gimbal, or…?

2021-03-02: Batteries, Etc.

2021-02-24: Natural or Artificial Lighting?
slightly edited from the live version to protect the guilty :-)

2021-02-17: Camera or Lens?

Cinematographers or animators or... 10th February 2021
slightly edited from the live version to protect the guilty :-)

Image Display Colour in many ways 3rd February 2021

Low Light Why 27th January 2021

Virtual Production 13th January 2021

Lenses 16th December 2020

AE AF FilmConvert 9th December 2020
a degree of indiscretion has been edited out from the live event

What crew matters most 2nd December 2020

Any Questions inc IBIS LED arrays 25th November 2020

Virtual Cameraimage 18th November 2020

24th birthday 11th November 2020

Cinematography Future Dinosaurs or Chimps 4th November 2020

Shooting Monochrome 28th October 2020

Do lenses have to be so big? 21st October 2020

BMD 12K Production version results 14th October 2020

Southern Hemisphere Take One 7th October 2020

HDR WCG Displays and Monitoring 30th September 2020

Cinematographers and Colorists 23rd September 2020

ACS what do they need to know? 9th September 2020

Geoff's Rant Redux AC's Focus Lights 2nd September 2020

Geoffs Rant 27th August 2020

Covid and Work 19th August 2020

Film School Art School College or not 12th August 2020

Craft or Art? 5th August 2020

Infinity and Beyond! or is 12K Enough? 29th July 2020

Perspective and Perception 22nd July 2020

Super 8 Film 15th July 2020

Identitarianism 8th July 2020

VLF GFX100 Ninja 1st July 2020

Camera Movement 24th June 2020

Pictures or Pixels Fuck the Numbers 17th June 2020

Dropoff in quality in 2010's 10th June 2020

Lenses Vintage or Shiny New 3rd June 2020

LED lights and the issues facing us with them

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